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What you may need to know

Each country or state have different laws or requirements so check with your local regulator and stay up to date as rules and regulations may change. Most regulators have programs to improved Quad safety and some may have rebates for fitting a Quadbar or buying a helmet.

Advice is also available from independent organisations for example the University of Sydney has the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety

Below is an examples of the information you can get from your local regulator or independent organisations. Note that this is only a sample and you can find full details by contacting the appropriate organisation in your aria.


Below is an example from the Victorian Worksafe website FAQ.

Q. Will this make rollover protection mandatory on all quad bikes in Victoria?


The occupational health and safety laws in Victoria relate to workplaces, and therefore to quad bikes used in workplaces. Many farms will fall into this category.

In some cases, recreational use of quad bikes may also be covered by Victorian occupational health and safety laws, depending on the circumstances.

If the duty holder under the law (usually the employer) has determined that there is a risk of the quad bike rolling over, they are obliged to eliminate the risk if they can (for example by stopping the task or using a different type of vehicle). If the risk cannot be eliminated, then the employer must control the risk, so far as is reasonably practicable.

WorkSafe is now saying that rollover protection is an appropriate risk control measure.

 Download the Safe Use Of Quads & SSV Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety


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