Quadbar customers range from Government departments, large corporations, farming families, mining, trainng institutions and tourism destinations.

Feedback from customers has been extremely positive. Some examples are provided below.

Tocal College Deputy Principal Bill Kinsey speaks about a recent quadbike accident at the school



Hi David,bruce-roll.smalljpg

I'm really pleased to be able to send this pic to you.

I am SO convinced that the quad bar saved me from serious injury or death this week.

I hit an unseen small bank at 40 km/hr, the quad was airborne for 6m until landing upside down facing back towards the bank. I did a face plant and have a very sore back but am truly thankfull in being able to send this to you.

I ll be ordering a new bar when I get the bike fixed (note the impact pushed the handlebars forward)

Kind Regards,




I’m contacting you in relation to a recent experience I had with your product “The Quad bar. “

We use the bike for farm purposes and some times one of my 3 boys also rides the bike around the farm as well. I had to put a stop to them riding it when I saw what happened to a mate when the bike rolled on him and crushed his pelvis.

I saw one of your Quad bars on a bike in Brisbane and purchased one while there, since installing the “Quad bar” all my kids have been riding the bike and I finally feel at ease.

A few weeks ago I was going down a hill on the bike when it rolled, the bike rolled 2 or 3 times and I was thrown under the bike with the bike coming down on top of me.

Lucky for me the “Quad bar” took the total weight of the bike leaving a space under the bike where I was laying. I come out with a few scratches but nothing in comparison to what would have happened if the bike would have rolled on me.

I feel Australian standards’ should be reviewed considering your quad bar or something similar should be fitted to all quad bikes to ensure they improve safety of these bikes.

Well done and thanks"

M (Woolongong Australia)


Tangalooma Island Resort

Queensland Australiatangalooma-quads-2


“Last week we stayed on Moreton Island at Tangalooma Resort and saw the Quadbars for the first time on their quad bikes

We went quad biking for four days and on Thursday our third time with a group of approx.- 9 other riders my 14year old son was in front of me and he was behind the guide

We as a group were to turn to the right to go down a steep slope , as my son turned a wasp flew close to his face and he panicked , the bike hit the sandbank on the left went up in the air and he fell backwards off the bike

The bike completely back flipped the Quadbar hit the sand causing it to roll to the side completely missing my son

My son was not injured in any way neither was the bike damaged , they simply lifted the bike up back onto four wheels n

My son jumped on and continued to ride, and again the next day

Since seeing this I will not allow anyone to ride our own quad bike on our property till I fit a quad bar



"Just a note to tell you that I fitted a quad bar to my bike only a month ago (purchased 24/8/11). Last Saturday I managed to reverse (thought I was in a forward gear) over a sheer bank into a small creek landed on my back on the other side of the creek with bike not having flipped but landing on its side in the creek. There is no question that the quad bar has saved me from a serious injury, but more probably my life!
Not only that no damage to the bike. Just a bit of a tear on the sponge rubber. Yesterday I went to see an old mate who is home for a week from Burwood after six months wheelchair bound, and likely to be for the rest of his life, due to a pretty simple roll over, and I asked him if he had any sort of roll bar. The answer was of course no but that if he had had he wouldn't be in a wheel chair today!

I can't thank you enough for bringing these into the country and even though I complained at the time about the price when you consider the ease of fitting compared to mounting a bar on the frame it becomes very reasonable".

B (Taihape NZ)


"Finally used the magnificent thing. Wet slope and too much greasy clover. Went straight back over and rolled twice directly downhill and then skewed to side and rolled sideways, then it stopped. Used Q bar to right it. Bike damaged but rideable. I ended up going to the side slightly but all too quick to make much of a judgement about that...a bit of luck. Bike never touched me. Convinced it would have been potentially very messy without Q bar. Should have been in 1st not 2nd would have helped. Going up a place I go up ALL the time

Need to buy Lotto ticket!!





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